A.D.O. Playoff Program

There are four playoff programs per year hosted by the ADO. Local MVDO players can earn free trips to National and International competitions by competing in these playoff programs. All playoff events are played under the exclusive supervision of the ADO and in accordance with the established ADO Tournament rules.

A player must first compete in a local qualifier hosted by the MVDO and run by the MVDO ADO Rep. The ADO rep may hold a series of qualifiers in order to qualify a number of people for a National Qualifier. The entry fee at a National Qualifier is $110 so each local qualifier must raise $110 per person sent. This money is raised through local qualifiers entry fees, hosting bars fees, and sometimes the MVDO will kick in some money.

All players qualifying in the local MVDO qualifiers will play in a National qualifier. The National Qualifier has replaced what was formally known as a regional. The difference is there can be more than one National Qualifier in a region so each area - St. Louis, Kansas City, Cedar Rapids, Joplin, etc. can have their own National Qualifier and players do not have to travel to a Regional hundreds of miles away. The National qualifier is supervised by either the 6-2 Regional Director or the Area 6 Manager. (FYI - All National Qualifiers are open competition and anyone can play by simply being a member of a club within that region and paying the $110 entry fee.) Players are able to play more than one National Qualifier and you can play any National Qualifier any where in the country. Once you qualifiy for the National Finals, you can not participate in future National Qualifiers for that specific National Playoff Program.

For every 8 entries at the National Qualifier, one person will win a free trip to the National Finals competition wherever it may be. See the listings below. They will receive airfare or gas reimbursement, entry into the National Finals, and $150 spending cash once you arrive at the Nationals. So if we get 16 players at the regional - two will win the trip. If we have 24 players, then three people will win a trip, etc. etc.

Each National Finals is different. You will be competing against National Qualifier winners from all over the country. So these are some of the top players in the USA. In some cases you will play for prize money and National Championships. In other cases you may be competing to represent the US in International competition. Like the regional competitions, the National competitions will be held in conjunction with a larger weekend tournament.

ADO/Winmau World Masters

Local qualifiers - generally run in January and February

6-2 National Qualifiers - generally held in early March. Winners get free air fare to Nationals and $150 spending cash.

National Finals (for 2013) - May 17, 2013 in Grapevine, TX

National Finals Winners - win a trip to the Winmau World Masters in England


ADO All Stars/501 Singles Championship

Local qualifiers - generally run in March and April

6-2 National Qualifiers - generally held in late May. Winners get free air fare to Nationals and $150 spending cash.

National Finals (for 2013) - August 9, 2013 in Stamford, CT as part of the USA Dart Classic

National Finals Winners - National 501 Championship and cash


U.S. Team

Local qualifiers - generally run in May and June

6-2 National Qualifiers - generally held in July in St. Louis, MO as part of the Midwest Summer Classic. The M.V.D.O. and the SCDL are host organizations for this regional. Winners get free air fare to Nationals and $150 spending cash.

National Finals (for 2013) - TBD in San Francisco, CA

National Finals Winners - win a spot on the 2014 America's Cup team


National Cricket Championships

Local qualifiers - generally run in August and September and October

6-2 National Qualifiers - generally held in late Oct. or early Nov. Winners get free air fare to Nationals and $150 spending cash.

National Finals - (for 2012 - January 25, 2013 in Las Vegas, NV) (for 2013 - January 24, 2014 in Las Vegas, NV)

National Finals Winners - National Cricket Championship and cash

General A.D.O. Playoff Information

The following information is provided for ADO players and/or Member Associations interested in participating in the annual AMERICAN DARTS ORGANIZATION Playoff Program. This information should help to answer many of your questions regarding ADO Playoffs. For additional materials and information, please consult the "ADO Playoff Rules & Regulations" and/or your ADO Regional Director or Area Manager.

The ADO Playoff Program benefits YOUR members, YOUR association and YOUR local pub owners, alike. These benefits can include:

  • "Visibility" for YOUR association outside the local area, which may result in added revenue for YOUR ADO Sanctioned Tournament events.
  • Additional revenue to cover entry/travel costs for YOUR player/s to participate at the Regional level.
  • Provides added business opportunities for YOUR local pub owners.
  • YOUR Local Members can gain: additional tournament experience; added recognition for their darting skills; free travel to out-of-town playoffs and tournament events; ADO shirts and Special Awards; opportunity to REPRESENT THE U.S.A.
  • To provide EVERY ADO MEMBER the opportunity to play Darts at the Association, Regional, National and World levels.
  • To determine 501/ Cricket singles U.S. Champions and U.S. Representatives for National and World darts competition.
  • To fund travel, hotel, uniforms and affiliated administrative expenses for ADO Player/Team Representatives in Regional, National and World darts events (Masters, All-Star / 501 Championship, U.S. Team & Cricket Championship events).
  • To participate a player must be a member in good standing with the ADO or one of its affiliated associations, leagues, or clubs. Every ADO Affiliated association/league/club is entitled and encouraged to hold playoffs for each of the events comprising the ADO Playoff Program.
  • To participate foreign players must be able to prove they have been continuously domiciled in the U.S. for a period of 6 months plus 1 day (i.e. green card/passport valid for more than six months). For competitions that lead to international representation, foreign players must have been registered with the ADO Office and must have been continuously domiciled in the U.S. for a minimum of three years without representing another country.
  • ADO Member associations/leagues/clubs will determine the following: number of playoffs; playoff date/s and time/s, in accordance with deadline dates on ADO Tournament Calendar; number of entries to advance to the Regional Playoff, provided the association forwards the entry fee for each player directly to the Regional Director.
  • All Playoff events are played under the supervision of the ADO Representative, ADO Regional Director or their appointed representative.
  • Association: The host club will determine the format for their own ADO Playoff/s.
  • Regional: Round Robin, 3 straight legs, 1 Point per leg (excluding tie-breakers)
  • National: Round Robin/Round Robin for events that determine a team Round Robin/Knockout for events that determine individual Champions
  • Association: The host club will determine the entry fee for their own ADO Playoff/s.
  • Regional: ALL adult events - $110 per player ($880. per region) by association check or money order made payable to ADO, Inc. ONLY. CREDIT CARDS WILL BE ACCEPTED - PERSONAL CHECKS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  • National: NONE
  • All ADO Regional/Area/National Playoffs will be played on the NODOR/DMI dartboard, the official Dartboard of the ADO; unless otherwise approved.
  • Players who finish in the Top 16 in each adult Regional Playoff will earn ADO Championship Points, in accordance with the "ADO Regional Playoff Points Structure", included in the playoff Rules & Regulations.