A.D.O. Rep for the M.V.D.O.

Phil Galli

5347 Wilson
St. Louis, MO 63110
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The ADO Rep is a key position in the success of the ADO programs because this person serves as the main link between grass roots members and the officers of the organization. The ADO Rep may be chosen by election or appointment and should not hold any other concurrent ADO position. While the ADO Rep need not be a member of the local Board/Governing body, he/she should be provided a method by which to deliver regular updates on ADO activities to the Member Association Board and general membership.

The ADO Rep will act as a liason between the Member Organization and its ADO Regional Director. All correspondence/communication from the ADO will be directed to the ADO Rep, whose responsibility it shall be to dispense this information to the local Board/Governing body and local association members. The ADO Rep will vote on behalf of the association in elections for Regional Director.

The ADO Rep is responsible for the following duties:

  • Ensure that the Board of Directors and membership is aware of all materials in the yearly Member packet and maintain custody of the packet for reference
  • Encourage the correct reporting of membership to the ADO and assist with preparation of the membership list if so requested
  • Work with the ADO Youth Manager (not currently active in the MVDO)
  • Work with Mmeber club officials to report each season's special achievements - 170 in/out, perfect games, 180, Deadeyes, 9 marks
  • Attend all meetings called by the ADO Regional Director, present club concerns, present questions or ideas, etc.
  • Maintain regular contact with the Regional Director in regard to association activities, questions or problems
  • Ensure the local association is aware of playoff deadline dates for all ADO playoff programs, encourage participation in these events and assist in conducting these playoffs if desired by the Board/Governing body
  • Coordinate tournament dates with other local associations through the regional director
  • Be responsible for submitting the tournament sanctioning forms/fees to the Regional Director in accordance with the ADO Sanctioning Rules and Regulations
  • Be responsible for submitting the results, surcharge monies, and special achievement list for ADO sanctioned tournaments hosted by his/her association within 10 days following the tournament event
  • Be responsible for notifying association of clue dates for articles/calendar information for the Double Eagle and pocket calendar
  • Ensure the timely renewal of their association's affiliation with the ADO (membership expires Dec. 31 each year)