MVDO Constitution/By-Laws

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Article I. Name

The name of this organization shall be the Mississippi Valley Darting Organization (hereafter known as the MVDO), a non-profit organization to be incorporated under the laws for the State of Missouri.

Article II. Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of the MVDO shall be to promote the sport of darts in the metropolitan Saint Louis area and to maintain a favorable public posture toward darts, its participants, and its sponsoring establishments.

To this end, the MVDO shall:

  1. Enhance the proficiency and the national reputation of the Saint Louis area dart shooters through tournaments, and insure fair play by the adoption of equitable rules and regulations.
  2. Encourage interest in the sport of darts through promotions, publicity and educational programs.
  3. Enhance the public image of darts through involvement in civic and charitable endeavors.
  4. Promote cooperation with other dart organizations, both locally and nationally based.

Article III. Governing Body

The membership in good standing shall constitute the MVDO. The governing body of the MVDO shall be the elected Executive Board.

Article IV. Amendment

The constitution of the MVDO may be amended by a simple majority of eligible votes cast at a regularly scheduled General Membership Meeting called by the approval of a simple majority vote of the Executive Board. (Please see Section 14, “Amendments”, of the By-Laws for amendment procedures).