M.V.D.O. Rules and Regulations

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Section 11 - Trophies

Rule 11.a

Trophies will be awarded to the first place finishers of the regular season in each division, with the individual players on each first place team receiving individual trophies. The second place team will receive a small plate to go on the bar's bar plaque. If a player does not play at least 8 doubles or singles legs in a season, they will not be eligible to receive a individual trophy.

Rule 11.b

Most Valuable Player trophies will be awarded in each division to the player having the highest win/loss record during the regular season in the doubles and singles events. (Note: Team games do not count toward MVP calculation!) (Also Note: In Doubles divisions - Minnesota is a doubles game and does count in the MVP qualification formula.) NO A or B rated player may win a C division MVP award and NO A rated player may win a B division MVP award unless their rating is within 20 points of the division rating. (Example - If a B player with a rating of 105 is playing in a C95 division, they are still eligible for MVP Award because their 105 rating is only 10 points higher than the division rating of 95.) In the event of a tie for MVP, the player with the most singles game wins will be the MVP. If still tied, duplicate trophies will be given. To qualify for MVP, at least 65% of the doubles and singles matches available must have been played.

Rule 11.c

Winners of the city playoffs will have their team name inscribed on a permanent traveling trophy, receive individual trophies, and its pub will have possession of the traveling trophy for the following season. Traveling trophies exist for the following - Overall 4-Person Team, "B" 4-Person Team, "C" 4-Person Team, Mixed Doubles, Cricket Doubles and Open Doubles. "B" and "C" Open doubles does not have a traveling trophy.

Rule 11.d

The Sargeant-at-Arms or his appointee will be responsible for selecting trophies within the price guidelines given by the Treasurer.