M.V.D.O. Rules and Regulations

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Section 9 - Player Eligibility

Rule 9.a

A player is eligible for league play by being paid up in his/her league fees and at least 21 years of age. Only players from the original roster or players legally added to the roster will be eligible to play on a given night. Players cannot be added to a team during the last 3 weeks of league play.

Rule 9.b

Teams that need to add players to the roster after the season has begun may do so by notifying league recorder (631-MVDO) at least 24 hours before intended league play. Any additions of unrated players will be subject to the temporary rating procedure above. You may not add a player to your roster that is rated more than 20 points higher than the division rating. If a player is added and plays who is more than 20 points higher, then all of his or her games will be forfeits. The highest "A" division on any night may add anyone to their team, regardless of their rating. If the highest division on a night is a "B" division then the 20 point rule still applies.

Rule 9.c

The maximum number of players per season on a 4-person team is eight, and the maximum for a doubles team is four. Once a player has played, he cannot be replaced or removed from that team for that season.

Rule 9.d

A player cannot play for more than 1 team on the same night of the week, per season.

Rule 9.e

A forfeit will be declared for use of an ineligible player or players to the extent that all wins involving such players shall be forfeited to the opposing team or teams. Team captains must be responsible for the integrity of their team rosters and for ascertaining the eligibility of each member. When in doubt, team captains should ask to see the latest weekly standings sheet, and have the questioned player produce proper identification. Use of an ineligible player is grounds for protest.

Rule 9.f

Any team which knowingly and willfully plays a person known to be ineligible to play on that team will be suspended from playoff participation for that season.

Rule 9.g

Anyone caught playing on a team under an assumed name shall be automatically suspended from the MVDO for two consecutive seasons. Any captain or acting captain who knowingly uses an illegal player shall also be suspended for two consecutive seasons.

Rule 9.h

Survival Rule: With a unanimous vote of the Executive Board, the board has the right to assure the survival of a team using any means necessary if a team is unable to complete a season due to factors out of their control - such as illness, relocation, death, injury, etc.