M.V.D.O. Rules and Regulations

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Section 6 - Forfeits

Rule 6.a

The following guidelines will determine when and how forfeits will be declared. In all situations involving the judgment of the team captains it is intended that good sportsmanship prevail in all cases. The Executive Board reserves the right to reverse forfeits or take other disciplinary action against any team or players abusing these guidelines or otherwise behaving in an un-sportsmanlike manner.

Rule 6.b

A forfeit can be declared for failure of a minimum number of members of either team to attend and complete a match.

Rule 6.c

Any members of a team who are present and ready to play a match may do so. They may play only the games for which they have enough players. The team game may be played with three players, skipping the turn of the missing player. Doubles may be played with one player, skipping the turn of the missing player. A team will be dropped from the league for having a total number of forfeited games that is one greater than the number of games they play in a regular league match. (i.e. a team will be dropped from a 9 game format division after forfeiting their 10th game).

Rule 6.d

It is the responsibility of all team captains to insure that the minimum number of his team's eligible players will be promptly present at all matches.

Rule 6.e

A match may be rescheduled by prior agreement of both captains with at least 24-hour advanced notice given to the opposing team captain. If at least 24-hour notice is not given, the match may still be rescheduled as long as both captains agree. The MVDO Board has the right to waive the 24-hour notice requirement in the event of an emergency. Matches scheduled for the last two weeks of the division's regular season cannot be rescheduled.

Rule 6.f

All rescheduled matches must be made up before the next scheduled match between the two teams and before the second to the last regular season match for the division. The team originally requesting the rescheduling will be assessed a temporary forfeit. This forfeit will be removed when and if the match is actually played.

Rule 6.g

If a team requests and is granted a rescheduling of a match, they may not request to reschedule another until the prior match has been played.

Rule 6.h

If either team is not ready to begin play promptly at the prescribed starting time both captains may or may not agree to wait a certain period of time for a sufficient number of players.

Rule 6.i

If a four-person match begins with either team having only three players, the team game is played with the 3-member team skipping a turn. If a 4th player arrives after the match has started they may NOT enter the game.

Rule 6.j

Any eligible members of a team that arrive after the start of a match may play in any games that have not been previously forfeited.

Rule 6.k

No player may play in more than one part of either a doubles or singles set of games.

Rule 6.l

As games are completed, forfeits will be immediately entered on both score sheets for any games in the next segment of games for which a team does not have enough players. A segment is a group of games of the same type (i.e. 501 doubles, Cricket, singles, etc.).

Rule 6.m

Any team that forfeits a full match during the final two weeks of divisional play (not including "BYE" weeks) will be dropped from league play for the remainder of that season. If a team drops under this circumstance or as a result of too many forfeits (see paragraph "c" above), each member of that team will be fined $20.00. This fine is non-refundable. This fine may be appealed to the Rules & Rating Committee who may rescind the fine for justifiable cause. The fine for the members of teams that are dropped from the league may be waived only for team members who were present and available to play at the time of the forfeited match. Any player failing to pay this fine will be permanently ineligible for any MVDO sanctioned competition until this fine is paid. This rule also applies to teams which forfeit in either divisional or city playoffs, with exceptions being made only in those cases where the offending team contacts the Executive Board in sufficient time to make other arrangements.

Rule 6.n

In the event that a team is unable, for any reason, to complete a season, scores involving that team will be adjusted as necessary to assure no resulting advantage to any remaining team. Scores for all matches played after the most recent point at which the removed team had completed an equal number of games against every other team in the division will become 0 wins and 0 losses. Scores from matches played prior to that point will stand as played.