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ATTENTION ALL PLAYERS - especially captains - Pre-Season Captains meeting each season!


Starting with this summer season the MVDO is adopting a new policy - on the first Monday of each season there will be a mandatory Pre-season Captains meeting at 6 pm. The purpose of this meeting is to collect your packets for the season with scoresheets, schedules, etc., pay your dues for the upcoming season, discuss any rules and regulation changes, discuss any other MVDO business, and possibly to pick up your trophies/plaques from the previous season. The meeting will take no more than one hour, probably less, but just stating never more than an hour. After all discussions are over, everyone in attendance will go up to the front table and collect their packet and pay their dues, if owed. Now before everyone goes nuts, by mandatory we mean that someone must be there to represent your team. It doesn't have to be the captain, it doesn't have to even be a member of your team. It can be anyone. If you know someone going and want them to represent your team they can. If you absolutely cannot get anyone to show up, you can communicate that with a Board member and work out a time to pick up your packet and pay your dues that is more convenient to do so. We are not trying to make this difficult on anyone, we are trying to make it as easy as possible. But failure to show up, or failure to send a representative or failure to communicate with the Board why no one picked up your packet, will result in either fines or forfeits or both. That is still being determined. As far as the dues go, if you already paid your dues at registration or are on a team for a bar that covers dues (such as a Hotshots) you will not be expected to pay your team dues at this meeting. However, if you are not then we expect full payment of all players dues at this meeting. But again, with that being said we are not trying to be difficult. If you do not have all your teams dues you will still have to the end of week 2 to get your team dues paid. But it will be your responsiblity to get the dues to the MVDO. We will not come looking for you. Failure to pay dues by the end of the second week will result in forfeit losses for all players not paid up. THIS WILL BE ENFORCED STARTING THIS SEASON AND GOING FORWARD! No more waiting till the end of the season to pay or not paying at all.

Why are we doing this you may ask? Well here is why:

Packet delivery: Each season someone from the MVDO Board or the recorders have to deliver the packets. We cannot mail everyone their packet as it it just to expensive to do season after season. So we do a bar drop. But even a bar drop requires going to dozens and dozens of locations costing gas money and time to those that do it. The Board members volunteer enough as it is and it is not in the job description or pay of the league recorders to do this. Plus, even with a bar drop, it is not a 100% assurance that the teams will receive their packet. So by having a pre-season meeting where each team picks up their own packet, it takes the cost and burden off the volunteers.

Dues: Each season dues collection is a struggle. While many players are very courteous and timely and pay their dues, many players do not. They have to be tracked down all over town to get their money. This is not fair to the Board members that have to run around town looking for you or to your fellow league members when you don't pay. The MVDO needs the revenue from dues to kept running. When you don't pay you hurt everyone. This meeting is a chance for everyone to pay their dues.

Rules meeting: The MVDO over the years has held countless rules and regulations meetings and very few players show up. Then a proposal goes on the ballot and its get voted in and many players get upset but they never attended a meeting to discuss and debate the issue. So this will give the MVDO a chance each season to keep all the players informed about possible rule changes and to give the members a chance to propose possible rule changes.

But I have darts that night, how can I make a meeting at 6:00 PM and play darts at 7:30 PM? This is not an issue. Everyone will be in the same boat. Both teams will have to be at the meeting so common courtesy will state that each team will wait for all members of both teams to arrive. As indicated, the meeting will never go more than an hour so there will be plenty of time to get to any destination in the St. Louis area. The SCDL has been having this pre-season captians meeting for 30 years and its not an issue. To the SCDL players it is second nature and eventually to the MVDO members it will be too.

The first meeting will be Monday, May 11 at 6 pm at the Stratford Bar. We are looking into getting a meeting room, but if not we will meet in the bar area. Thank you for understanding and if you have other ideas on how to handle any of these issues, feel free to bring them up at the meeting.

MVDO Summer 2015 Registration Information - LAST CALL!


Last call for registration for the MVDO Summer season which begins next week, May 11. Email Dave Madison with all the required information - bar name, captain name, address and phone number and all the players on the team, desired night of play and desired skill level.

ADO Qualifier - Thurs 7pm at Hotshots-Webster Groves


There will be another ADO Qualifier on Thursday May 7 at 7 pm at Hotshots-Webster Groves. Sign-up starts at 6:30 PM. $11 entry, round robin all 501. Come on out and get warmed up for Blueberry Hill this weekend. Or if you just miss league darts since we are between seasons, come on out and get some practice in. One winner for every 8 participants to get thier $110 entry fee paid into a National Qualifier (TBD).

New Ratings updated - historical records updated


The ratings formula has been run, new ratings are posted. Historical records have also been updated.

MVDO Spring 2015 Divisional Playoff Results


Divisional Playoff winners should report their victory to the MVDO Recorder or send an email to Dave Madison. Once Dave has the results they will be posted here on the web site. If you leave a message on the recorder it may take a day or two to reach Dave, quickest way is to email Dave.

Here are the results from the divisional playoffs:

  • MON A293: Stratford Inn - Marler playoff winners
  • MON B171: Tesson Station - Singler playoff winners
  • MON B144: Luna Lounge - Hasty will host Hotshots #5 - Pruehsner
  • MON B100: Hotshots #3 - O'Toole playoff winners
  • TUES A283: Hotshots #6 - Hughes playoff winners
  • TUES B182: Hotshots #5 - Shockley playoff winners
  • TUES B149: Hotshots #6 - Murray playoff winners
  • TUES B122: Hotshots #10 - Glore playoff winners
  • WED A231: Bommars - Begis playoff winners
  • WED B115: Bommars - Greene playoff winners
  • THURS CRK A275: Hotshots #5 - Herget playoff winners
  • THURS CRK B172: Hotshots #6 - Farris playoff winners
  • THURS CRK B145: Luna Lounge - Meuser playoff winners
  • THURS CRK B100: Cotters - Phernetton playoff winners

Dues - Very Important!!!


We are in the final week of the season and some players have not paid thier dues yet. This is a problem every season as players think if we don't track you down you don't have to pay. This is a terrible way to think. First off, the MVDO treasurer and board members are volunteers and should not have to track you down to get your dues. You should make the effort to mail or drop off your dues. And secondly, if we don't get your dues money then you are only hurting the league and your fellow members as you are costing the league revenue that could go towards tournaments and parties for the members. So please, if you have not paid your dues yet, contact Sharon Watkins your new treasurer or any Board member and pay up. Thank you.

But, the MVDO Board has come up with a solution to this issue and exact details will follow soon. Just giving a heads up to all members that going forward dues must be paid before the season starts or there will be consequences - fines, loss of wins or even expulsion from the league are all possible penalties for not paying up front. More details coming soon. The reason for this is not to make it harder on anyone or throw some weight around, the reason is to make it easier for the volunteer board members and to help bring in revenue to make a bigger and better MVDO. Thank you for those that get it and pay thier dues on time and thank you in advance to those that understand why the coming changes are going to take place.

2015 Spring City playoff schedule


Download 2015 Spring City Playoff Schedule here.

MVDO Summer 2015 Registration Information


You can register for the Summer 2015 season which begins the week of May 11 in one of the following ways:

  • Saturday May 2 - 1:00 PM-6:00 PM at Bommars. The MVDO Board will be accepting registration forms during the MVDO Spring City playoffs at Bommars. You can drop off or pick up a registration form that day and give to a Board member.
  • Download the registration form below and mail it to the MVDO address on the form. Make sure you include a check or money order for your teams dues or admin fee. The deadline for mail-ins is Monday May 4.
  • Email Dave Madison with all the required information - bar name, captain name, address and phone number and all the players on the team, desired night of play and desired skill level. The deadline for email-ins is Monday May 4.

Download Registration Form here.

MVDO Changes taking effect Summer season


Both of the following playoff changes were voted in by the members and will take effect starting in the summer 2015 season.

  • 1. All first place team members will receive a $10 gift card from the St. Louis Dart Shop instead of a first place plaque. Players that win City Championships in team, doubles or cricket would have the option of receiving a $15 gift card to the St. Louis Dart Shop instead of a city champ plaque if they choose. (With the Dart Shop closing May 1 this option is now up in the air, details to follow soon.)
  • 2. Currently players must play 8 doubles or singles games to qualify for playoffs. The proposal is to change it to 25% of the singles or doubles games in order to be eligible for playoffs.

Also, the members voted overwhelming to do away with the inter divisional City Championships - meaning A teams vs. B teams and B teams vs. C teams. The new MVDO board will discuss this and and make a decision on if and when to implement this. Thank you all for voting.

Split Division Information


There are a number of split divisions this season. Split divisions are obviously not what any of us - members or the Board - want to have. The reason we have split divisions is because we do not want to turn players away. We use split divisions when there are not enough (minimum of 4) teams in one particular skill level to form their own division. If we only have 2 or 3 teams in say a Monday A division for instance we do not want to tell those 2 or 3 teams they cannot play so we have a split division with the high B teams. If we turn them away we not only lose players but we lose an average of about $180 revenue per team. Revenue needed to run the league.

And to clear up some misinformation out there if you play in a split division and you are in the lower part of the split it does not negatively affect your rating. In fact it helps your rating. The formula run to calculate your rating at the end of a season is based partly on division rating. However in a split division situation your division rating is not the rating you see in your division name. The division rating is actually the division rating of all the teams in the two split divisions combined. So for instance this season we have a Monday split between A293 and B171. The division rating used to calculate ratings for all those players is actually 206 - the division rating of all the teams combined. So those in the B171 are really playing an A206 division when it comes to your rating. But we don't actually call it that so the teams can still be in the B division and play in the B City playoffs. So as you can see there is no negative affect on your rating if you are in the lower end of a split.

One final note about split divisions if we can increase membership in the league and get more teams involved then split divisions will go away.

New Feature for captains - add your team achievements!


For those captains that take advantage of adding your own match results from the Member login, you will now also be able to enter your team's achievements - 180's, 171's, 9 counts, low and high tons, 6 dart 301 games, etc. - for your team. Download instructions here. IMPORTANT - Achievements must be entered before you enter and save your scores (for now we will change this eventually).

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