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Fall Season/Covid-19 Update.


Due to St. Louis County's latest restrictions on bars - 25% capacity, must close by 10 pm - the MVDO Board has decided to postpone the start of the Fall season until early/mid September. By then the restrictions will hopefully be lifted. We will run a "summer" 10 week schedule with the normal 2 weeks of playoffs. Stay tuned to the web site and the MVDO Facebook page for more information and details on when to register. Registration will begin some time in late August, however, as with everything this year, plans may change based on the current situation with Covid-19.

New this Fall will be a Wednesday night Dart Connect MVDO league. All teams will play their matches using the Dart Connect scoring app. The Home team must provide 2 iPads or other devices to use for the match. The format will be 4-person team format - Team Game 701, 2 sets doubles Cricket, 2 sets doubles 501, 2 sets doubles Chicago, and 4 singles Chicago matches for the normal 11 points. Each roster will be limited to 6 players. Teams will be seperated into divisions as normal (A, B or C) assuming we get enough teams to register. Otherwise we may have to do split divisions or work something else out. Some of the "perks" of using Dart Connect is one, no paper score sheets. Team rosters will be loaded on the iPads and you will just simply pick and choose names as to who plays which set of games. And match scores are automatically uploaded to the server. Plus league matches will be broadcast live on Dart Connects DCTV. So if you have to miss a league match for whatever reason you can follow along and see how your teamsmates are doing on DCTV. Or if you want to watch matches of other teams in your division you may do so on DCTV. Standings and stats will be kept on the Dart Connect web site but there will be a link to them on the MVDO web site. Another feature of Dart Connect will be better, more accurate stats of how a player truly is performing. It keeps track of PPR average, MPR for cricket and many, many more stats. So start formiong your teams now!

Midwest Summer and Winter Classic Dart Tournament Updates


Unfortuantely we have to officially announce the cancellation of this year's Midwest Summer Classic that was scheduled for July 17- 19, 2020. While bars and venues are beginning to reopen there is still too much unknown about this virus to take a chance spreading it to any MVDO members or guests that might attend. Not to mention we won't know for sure what restrictions on crowd size and social distancing we would have to account for. So its best to cancel the Midwest Summer Classic for 2020. There are no plans to reschedule the Summer Classic for 2020, because......

Starting in December of 2020 or January of 2021 (not decided yet) - the MVDO will be hosting the Midwest Winter Classic. The Winter Classic will replace the MVDO Open which is held each year in January. The Winter Classic will have traditional events like the Summer Classic open to all players from here in St. Louis area and all over the country but it will also include events that will be for MVDO members only. We will crown our MVDO A, B and C singles champions at the Winter Classic. And there will be B and C only doubles events open to all players, not just MVDO members. More details will follow as we get closer to the Winter Classic. But for now, just know that going forward the MVDO will host two major tournaments a year - The Summer Classic and the Winter Classic.

2020 MVDO Executive Board


Here is the 2020 MVDO Executive board:

  • President - Dave Madison
  • Vice President - Amanda Stuart
  • Treasurer - Tiffany Strite
  • Secretary - Sean Rahmberg
  • Sgt. At Arms - Tim Heet
  • 'A' Rep - Wes Rowley
  • 'B' Rep - Zach Callanan
  • 'C' Rep - Ray Kern

You can get all their contact info in the Executive Board page.

Upcoming Tournaments

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