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MVDO Summer 2014 Divisional Playoff Results - Week 2 matchups


Divisional Playoff winners should report their victory to the MVDO Recorder or send an email to Dave Madison. Once Dave has the results they will be posted here on the web site. If you leave a message on the recorder it may take a day or two to reach Dave, quickest way is to email Dave.

Here are the results from the divisional playoffs:

  • MON A278: ?????????
  • MON B167: Bommars - Farris will host ?????
  • MON B140: Tesson Station - Singler will host Barney's - Campbell
  • TUES A268: Bommars - Begis playoff winners
  • TUES B179: South 94 Bistro - Johns playoff winners
  • TUES B160: Pat's Bar - Haudrich playoff winners
  • TUES B114: South 94 Bistro - Lipin playoff winners
  • WED CCBA: Hotshots #10 - Herget will host ?????
  • WED B130: ????? will play/host Hotshots #6 - Anderson
  • THURS CRK A255: ?????????
  • THURS CRK B189: ?????????
  • THURS CRK B148: ?????????
  • THURS CRK B121: ?????????
  • THURS CRK C93: ?????????

2014 Summer City Playoff Schedule


Download 2014 Summer City Playoff Schedule here.

ATTENTION DOUBLES PLAYOFFS - Matches start at 6 PM next Tuesday and Thursday as we have three rounds of matches to get through each night!!! Be on time, NO GRACE PERIOD!!



FRIDAY 7PM BLIND DRAW 501 (44 entries)
1st-Phil Ponder/Stacy Hubbs ($176)
2nd-Greg Asher/Rick Groceman ($88)
Top 4-John Ankeney/Angie Maxwell, Michael Walters/Justin Dale ($44)
Top 8-Linn Barnes/Steve Burch, Jerry Brown/Tambi Maginnis, Don Gilliam/Rich Lueders, Heidi Richards/Tim Pinkston ($22)

1st-Daryl Johns/Donnie Churovich ($160)
2nd-Stacy Hubbs/Keith Gardner ($80)
Top 4-Linn Barnes/Dale Hughes, Phil Ponder/Scott Schuler ($40)
Top 8-Damion Ferguson/Dave Madison, Angie Maxwell/Margaret Hemsath, Tim Mccarthy/Diana Rutherford, Jordan Meyer/Robby Richards ($20)

1st-Kari Stevenson/Brad "ox" Oxendine/Eric Gregory ($300)
2nd-Ken Mccowan/Isen "moxie" Veljic/Diana Rutherford ($150)
Top 4-Margaret Hemsath/Tim Hydar/Tony Buel, Sarah Lawson/Justin Hilliker/Jordan Meyer ($75)
Top 8-Dennis Sanden/Carla Wessel/Michael Murphy, John Ankeney/Keith Gardner/Amanda Gardner, Kathy Salway/Linn Barnes/Phil Ponder, Melissa Holland/Clayton Hudgens/Dustin Barnett ($45)

1st-Melissa Holland/Kari Stevenson ($160)
2nd-Wendy Madison/Angie Maxwell ($80)
Top 4-Diana Rutherford/Kathy Salway, Carla Wessel/Carissa Murphy ($40)
Top 8-Jessica Thatcher/Angie Brewer, Laurie Grover/Katie Higginbotham, Sarah Lawson/Ashley Brockman, Jennifer Finney/Tiffany Strite ($0)

SATURDAY 2:30PM MENS SINGLES 501 (56 entries)
1st-Mike Brewer ($200)
2nd-Pat Kron ($120)
Top 4-Michael Walters, Brad "ox" Oxendine ($60)
Top 8-Jim Herget, Keith Gardner, Phil Ponder, Bill Shollenberger ($30)
Top 16-Clayton Hudgens, Isen "moxie" Veljic, Justin Hilliker, Duane Timmerman, Jim Nortrup, Brian Obrecht, Brett Farris, Robby Richards ($15)

1st-Kari Stevenson ($140)
2nd-Jessica Thatcher ($70)
Top 4-Kathy Salway, Jill Cody ($40)
Top 8-Melissa Holland, Belinda Devine, Angie Maxwell, Susie Wies ($20)
Top 16-Jennifer Finney, Wendy Madison, Charla Bacon, Jessie Mccowan, Megan Wilson, Tiffany Strite, Sharon Watkins, Carla Wessel ($0)

1st-Phil Ponder/Linn Barnes ($250)
2nd-Isen "moxie" Veljic/Ken Mccowan ($130)
Top 4-Brian Obrecht/Duane Timmerman, Brett Farris/Jim Herget ($80)
Top 8-Stacy Hubbs/Scott Schuler, Jon Rimert/Dominic Iannazzo, Bill Shollenberger/Jason Bernard, Paul Schwindamann/Conley Litton ($40)

1st-Brett Farris/Phil Ponder ($176)
2nd-Jon Rimert/Tim Pinkston ($88)
Top 4-Dru Atteberry/Brent Mcclaskey, Carla Wessel/Brent Baker ($44)
Top 8-Tim Mccarthy/Jim Herget, Amy Cuntz/Heather Lechner, Melissa Slade/Stacy Hubbs, Justin Hilliker/Tim Heet ($22)

SUNDAY 10:30AM MIXED DOUBLES 501 (29 entries)
1st-Kathy Salway/Phil Ponder ($220)
2nd-Eric Gregory/Kari Stevenson ($110)
Top 4-Kym Guerrero/Paul Schwindamann, Jessica Thatcher/Mike Brewer ($60)
Top 8-Angie Maxwell/Duane Timmerman, Tim Force/Sarah Cordes, Jessie Mccowan/Jason Bernard, Carissa Murphy/Dennis Sanden ($30)

1st-Linn Barnes ($160)
2nd-Brad "ox" Oxendine ($80)
Top 4-Dennis Sanden, Brett Farris ($50)
Top 8-Eric Gregory, Mike Johnson, Isen "moxie" Veljic, Mike Brewer ($25)

1st-Kathy Salway ($120)
2nd-Angie Maxwell ($60)
Top 4-Belinda Devine, Jessica Thatcher ($30)
Top 8-Jennifer Finney, Susie Wies, Angie Brewer, Diana Rutherford ($15)

SUNDAY 2PM OPEN DOUBLES 501 (23 entries)
1st-Eric Gregory/Brad "ox" Oxendine ($220)
2nd-Duane Timmerman/Brian Obrecht ($110)
Top 4-Michael Murphy/Dennis Sanden, Daryl Johns/Clayton Hudgens ($60)
Top 8-Bill Shollenberger/Jason Bernard, Isen "moxie" Veljic/Ken Mccowan, Justin Hilliker/Jordan Meyer, Jim Herget/Brett Farris ($20)

SUNDAY 2:30PM LADIES DOUBLES 501 (13 entries)
1st-Angie Brewer/Jessica Thatcher ($160)
2nd-Jessie Mccowan/Terri Stevenson ($80)
Top 4-Kathy Salway/Diana Rutherford, Kristen Parker/Amy Cuntz ($40)

A message about Sportsmanship......


This is a post we have used in the past, every once in a while we feel the need to post it again and remind everyone that we play darts for fun and enjoyment, its not life and death and if you lose a match the sun will come up tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar.

Dart players in general are some of the most caring and generous people you will ever meet. When fellow darters or their families are in need the dart players in this community will without hesitation be there to help in any way possible, whether throwing a tournament to raise money or helping out with donating money, items, their time or services. Over the years, many of our MVDO players have become like family to other MVDO players. They go to each others parties, BBQs, weddings and other functions. The MVDO (and the SCDL and SIDA) is really a great group of people.

But unfortunately like in any organization or group of people you are going to have a few people who just don’t understand what it means to be a good sport. They ruin it for all the rest of us. These are a small percentage so please do not take this to mean bad sportsmanship is running rampant in the MVDO because it is not. We just have a few people out there that need a lesson in manners. So the MVDO Board thought it was a good time to remind everyone that above all else, the purpose of our dart league is fun, competition, excitement and enjoyment. Good sportsmanship should prevail in all cases. Win or lose, every MVDO league match or tournament should be enjoyable to everyone. The MVDO motto for 20+ years was "the sport that begins and ends with a handshake". We need to get back to that.

What this means is no matter the outcome of your match or game, you respectfully shake your opponents hand after the game or match has ended and you are courteous and respectable. You don't act like a sore loser, throw something, kick something, punch something, intimidate, insult or do any of those childish things. You act like an adult and a good sport. It is no fun for anyone when someone is acting like a 5 year old. This doesn’t mean take the emotion out of the game. We can all get excited when we win and we can all get disappointed and even mad when we lose. But we do not destroy property or throw stuff or act like an ass.

Also, when a player is at the line taking their turn, you can not heckel, talk to or scream at them. This is against the personal conduct rule 12.a and is grounds for forfeiting the match. You must remain quiet while they are shooting. This includes your teammates or friends who may not be involved in the match.

We all want to win and we all would like a plaque or trophy at the end but that should not be why we play the game. We play for the competition, the enjoyment and the break from the real world. A chance to hang out with our friends and to meet new ones. Play to win, but do not take it so seriously that you want to kill yourself or someone else if you lose a game or match.

New ADO Communications Officer and Area 6 Manager announced


Former MVDO member Steve Brown has been appointed new ADO Communications Officer. This is an executive board position. His new ADO email is Please be sure to copy Steve on ALL tournament results. His term ends at the end of 2014.

Steve Webb has been appointed new ADO Area 6 Manager. His ADO email address is His term ends at the end of 2014.

B/C Tournament - MVDO Cup


The Annual B/C Tournament which is usually held in June is postponed till the fall. More details to follow as soon as they are available. Also, the MVDO Board is hoping to bring back the MVDO Cup tournament this fall.

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