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MVDO Fall 2018 Divisional Playoff week 2 matchups


Here are the round 2 matchups from the divisional playoffs:

  • MON A265: Arnold Bowl - Herget will host Arnold Bowl - Treis
  • MON B173: Topshooters - Begis will host Hotshots #10 – Kern
  • MON B138: Musers – Morton will host Hotshots #6 – Gomez
  • TUES A295: Hotshots #6 - Madison will host Hotshots #12 - Larsen
  • TUES B195: Hotshots #6 - Thess will host Hotshots #6 - Adkins
  • TUES B160: Hotshots #6 - Anderson will host Hotshots #5 - Heet
  • TUES C109: Hotshots #12 - Wilburn will host Hotshots #5 - Schniers
  • THURS CRK A296: Hotshots #3 - Messmer winners
  • THURS CRK A207: Hotshots #5 - Turner will host Ray's - Kasaj
  • THURS CRK B138: Hotshots #3 - Anderson will host Memoreze – Bulmer

End of Season Awards - Blind Draw - Sat. Dec. 15 @ Hotshots-Fenton 7:30 PM


The end of season awards ceremony and high-low blind draw will be Saturday Dec. 15 at Hotshots-Fenton at 7:30 PM. Awards from the Fall season will be handed out and there will be a high-low blind draw - $5 entry - MVDO matches the pot. Double elimination. Players will be split into two groups by rating with a player from the top half being teamed with a player from the low half. Hope to see you all there.

2018 Fall City Playoff Schedule


Download 2018 Fall City Playoff Schedule here.

MVDO Spring 2019 Registration Information


You can register for the Spring 2019 season which begins the week of Jan. 7 in one of the following ways:

  • Saturday Dec. 8 - 3:00 PM-6:00 PM at Hotshots-Fenton. The MVDO Board will be accepting registration forms during the MVDO Fall City playoffs at Hotshots #6. You can drop off or pick up a registration form that day and give to a Board member. Please have your teams dues as well or pay them at the pre-season's captian meeting Monday Jan. 7 at 6 pm (location TBD).
  • Download the registration form below and mail it to the MVDO address on the form. Make sure you include a check or money order for your teams dues or admin fee unless you will pay them at the pre-season captains meeting. The deadline for mail-ins is Wednesday Jan. 2.
  • Email Dave Madison with all the required information - bar name, captain name, address and phone number and all the players on the team, desired night of play and desired skill level. The deadline for email-ins is Wednesday Jan. 2.

Download Registration Form here.

The pre-season's captain meeting will be at 6 PM on Monday Jan. 7 (location TBD). You will pick up your schedules and rosters at this meeting, discuss rule changes and pay your team's dues for the season. At least one member from your team must be present.

MVDO has new phone numbers


The MVDO has new fax and recorder phone numbers. The fax number is 314-329-4394. The voice/recorder number is 314-723-6390.

MVDO Changes coming!


The MVDO is changing the Tuesday and Thursday doubles playoffs. We will now follow the same format as Monday and Wednesday. In the first week of the playoffs the first place team will host the furth place team at their bar. The second place team will host the third place team at their bar. In week two the highest seeded team that won in week one will host the other winner in week two of the playoffs. The Tuesday Open Doubles Championship will be held on the Friday night of Championship week. Thursday Mixed and Cricket Championships will be held on the Sunday after 4-person B/C City Championship Saturday. This change will be implemented this season.

The MVDO is also changing the classification of a 'C' player. Any player rated 120 and below will be considered a 'C' player. We have done this at the MVDO Open for a number of years and will now implement it in league play. What this means is any division that ends up as a 120 or below rated division will be playing the 'C' format and will be eligible for the 'C' City Championship. This will also mean an adjustment to MVP qualification, any 'B' player that is within 20 points of a 'C' division rating will be eligible to win the divisions MVP.

Both these changes will be added/adjusted in the league rules.

What do you do if you have an issue/complaint in the league?


If in the course of league play you encounter a situation or issue that requires assistance, here is a simple guide to follow:

Rules/Regulations issue - First, check the MVDO rules on the MVDO website - League Rules. If it is not in the league rules go to the ADO Tournament Rules on the ADO website - ADO website. If you still can't find it, ask your division rep first, reps are listed on the MVDO website - Executive Board. If you can't get your division rep, then try another Board member. If you have a complaint about a rule or regulation, it should be brought up at the preseason captains meeting and if a change is necessary, a vote of the membership will be held at the yearly election/MVDO Open in January.

Conduct/Discipline issue - First, contact your division rep, reps are listed on the MVDO website - Executive Board. If you can't get your division rep, then try another Board member.

Protests - Protests must be filed in writing to an MVDO Board member (an email will suffice). Preferably the league Vice President as they are in charge of protests. Email addresses found here - Executive Board. A $10 fee must be sent in with a protest. It will be refunded if protest is uphelp. The protest process is defined in the league rules - League Rules.

Website/Score/Reschedule issues - Contact league web masters and statisticians Dave Madison or Chuck Solinski. Or call 636-447-4003 the league answering machine.

Upcoming Tournaments

View more information and local blind draw info on our Tournament Information page.