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MVDO Fall 2020 Divisional Playoff Matchups!


Here are the round 2 matchups from the divisional playoffs:

  • MON A286: (1st) Arnold Bowl - Herget will host (3rd) South 94 Bistro - Madison
  • MON B157: (1st) Hotshots #6 - Glore will host (2nd) Hotshots #12 - Harrelston
  • TUES A270: (2nd) Arnold Bowl - Strite will host (4th) Larry J's - Hasty
  • TUES B180: (2nd) Hotshots #5 - Rahmberg will host (4th) Hotshots #12 - Schulte
  • TUES B144: (1st) Hotshots #5 - Varney will host (3rd) Hotshots #6 - Corlett
  • THURS CRK A274: (1st) Concord Lanes - Herget will host (2nd)Larry J's - Larsen
  • THURS CRK B184: (1st) Weber's Bar - Flesch will host (3rd) Rays - Langendorf
  • THURS CRK B139: (1st) Hotshots #5 - Varney will host (2nd) Hotshots #5 - Schultz

2019 Fall City Playoff Schedule


Download 2019 Fall City Playoff Schedule here.

MVDO Spring 2020 Registration Information


You can register for the Spring 2020 season which begins the week of Jan. 6 in one of the following ways:

  • Monday Dec. 16 - 7:00 PM-10:00 PM at Hotshots-Fenton. The MVDO Board will be accepting registration forms during the MVDO Fall City playoffs at Hotshots #6. You can drop off or pick up a registration form that night and give to a Board member. Please have your teams dues as well or pay them at the pre-season's captian meeting (date and time TBD).
  • Download the registration form below and mail it to the MVDO address on the form. Make sure you include a check or money order for your teams dues or admin fee unless you will pay them at the pre-season captains meeting. The deadline for mail-ins is Thursday Jan. 2.
  • Email Dave Madison with all the required information - bar name, captain name, address and phone number and all the players on the team, desired night of play and desired skill level. The deadline for email-ins is Thursday Jan. 2.

Download Registration Form here.

The pre-season's captain meeting is still to be determined. You will pick up your schedules and rosters at this meeting, discuss rule changes and pay your team's dues for the season. At least one member from your team must be present.

MVDO has new phone numbers


The MVDO has new fax and recorder phone numbers. The fax number is 314-329-4394. The voice/recorder number is 314-723-6390.

Upcoming Tournaments

View more information and local blind draw info on our Tournament Information page.