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MVDO Spring 2022 Divisional Playoffs - Week two matchups


Here are playoff winners and/or the round 2 matchups from the divisional playoffs:

  • MON A290: Topshooters - Messmer will host Arnold Bowl - Treis
  • MON B172: Hotshots #12 - Arnold will host Concord Bowl - Viviano
  • TUES A254: Larry J's - Larsen will host Larry J's - Hasty
  • TUES B183: Muser's - Mahoney will host Hotshots #5 - Schniers
  • TUES B141: Dupo A. L. - Stone will host Hotshots #6 - Schulte
  • THURS CRK A285: Concord Lanes - Herget playoff winners
  • THURS CRK B197: Hotshots #12 - Roderick will host Larry J's - Langendorf
  • THURS CRK B158: Larry J's - Kempen will host Hotshots #6 - Burns
  • THURS CRK C81: Dylans - Lynch playoff winners

2022 Spring City Playoff Schedule


Download the 2022 Spring City Playoff Schedule here.

Summer 2022 - Blind Draw Tour


Since the Spring season started a month late due to Covid, there will not be a Summer season once again. But the Fall season will start at normal time and for 2023 and moving forward we expect to return to a normal Spring, Summer and Fall season.

But there will still be plenty of darts to play. The MVDO will run a Summer Blind Draw tour. Each week in June and July there will be 1 or 2 blind draws on a Mon, Tues, Wed or Thursday night at a participating MVDO bar. These will be regular and high/low blind draws with money added. There will also be a point system with players earning points for participation and how they finish. There will be a grand finale tournament in August. More details and a schedule will be released in a few weeks. Stay tuned.

Coming Fall 2022 - Handicapped Divisions on Wednesday nights!


At the suggestion of an MVDO member the MVDO Board discussed having handicapped divisions and thought it was a great idea. Details will be out in the next few months but on Wednesday nights in the Fall the MVDO will accept registration for a handicapped league. Basically it will allow players and teams of different skill levels to compete on an equal playing field. If any of you have played handicapped leagues in soft tip it will work in a similar fashion. As mentioned more details will be released this summer.

Upcoming Tournaments

View more information and local blind draw info on our Tournament Information page.