M.V.D.O. Rules and Regulations

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Section 1 - League Play

Rule 1.a

A full MVDO year shall consist of summer, spring and fall seasons. The Fall Season, including City Playoffs, must be completed at least one full calendar week before Christmas.

Rule 1.b

All league-sanctioned competition will be played in accordance with a schedule drawn up by the Board and the MVDO Recorder(s).

Rule 1.c

The Board and MVDO Recorder(s) shall be responsible for assigning teams to divisions.

Rule 1.d

Starting time for all divisions and leagues is 7:30 p.m. A 15-minute grace period will be allowed. Therefore, a team may not call in a forfeit until 7:45 p.m. Please see the Forfeits section for further information.

Rule 1.e

In the case of extremely bad weather, the team captains should contact each other to confirm or reschedule the match. If a dispute arises, the Board will assist in rescheduling or canceling that night's scheduled matches.

Rule 1.f

For 4-person format a bar owner is required to provide a minimum of two (2) boards per match being played. The team captains will ultimately decide how many boards the match will be played on. If there is a disagreement, two (2) boards will be used. The home team has the option of deciding which boards the match will be played on. For Doubles and Mixed formats only one (1) board is required per match.

Rule 1.g

The official MVDO score sheet for each division dictates the regular order of play in the all divisions. Games may be played out of order only with the consent of both captains.

Rule 1.h

The roster for each game will be completed first by the visiting captain and submitted to the home captain for inspection. The home captain then completes his roster for that game. Once a name is placed on the lineup sheet, it cannot be changed without the consent of the opposing captain. It is not necessary for either team to show its lineup for more than one set of games at a time. For 4-person team divisions, in singles the visiting team is only required to list players for the first two singles games assuming the required two boards are available for play. If 4 boards are available and both captains agreed to play all four singles at once, then all four names must be written down at once.

Rule 1.i

Results of each match are to be called in by a home team representative to the recorder no later than 6:00 p.m. of the day following the match. Failure to call in results by the deadline will result in the home team being penalized their wins for that night. This affects the team's total score only; individual players will still receive credit for their actual wins and losses. The visiting team is not affected.

Rule 1.j

The boards to be used for league play must be cleared at least 30 minutes before match time to allow players adequate warm-up time.

Rule 1.k

The captains are responsible for the smooth running of each match, and any disputes that arise during the course of play must be settled in private conference of the captains only.