Board Meeting Minutes

Sunday Feb. 13, 2011 - 1:00 pm at Hotshots(Fenton)

Attendance: Darryl Marler, Neil Hager, Cory Mahoney, Sue Hackett, John Stiles, Duanne Timmerman, Jeff Bradshaw, Bob Carver, Dave Madison, Sharon Watkins, and Amos Watkins

New 'A' Rep
Jeff Haantz has decided he cannot be the 'A' Division Rep. Jeff Bradshaw has volunteered for the position and the new Board has accepted his offer.

Midwest Summer Classic
The Midwest Summer Classic will be held July 8-9-10 with set-up on Thurs. July 7 at the St. Charles Moose Lodge. Sponsors need to be solicited at $25 for wall of sponsors mention and $50 or above for a poster board hung at the boards or by wall. We need to check with the SCDL to make sure they will continue to participate and if they continue their ADO membership. Chuck Solinski needs to be contacted to confirm he will run the tournament along with Sue Hackett. Format was voted to remain the same. Dave Madison will get flyer out by Jeff City tournament in March.

'B' & 'C' Tournament
The B/C tournament will be Saturday June 18 at either Manchester Rd. Hotshots or Fenton Hotshots, still being decided on location. More discussion on this event to be had at a later date. Format changes need to be discussed to help the event go quicker.

Opinions about trophies and plaques was presented to the membership on the web site about 2 months ago. Dave Madison reported that only 5 members sent in an opinion. Based on the poor response the Board has decided to do what they see best. Everything will remain as status quo with one exception - the big traveling trophies will no longer be used. They are expensive to create and maintain and they are constantly lost or damaged from lack of care from members or bars that win them. So going forward teams that win city championships will still receive individual city championship plaques. Each team will also receive one bigger plaque designating them as city champion - team name, bar name, type of championship, etc. It will be the team's decision but this plaque can be kept by a team member or presented to the home bar to be displayed at the bar. Cory Mahoney and Dave Madison will go and design and price the new plaque.
It was also discussed that the board would do a better job at getting team pictures in the plaques when they are distributed.

The league standards need to be replaced. They are nearly 20 years old now and are in terrible shape. New board member John Stiles is going to create a new one and if it meets league needs then we will order more from him. The plan is to start with about 8-12 new ones and eventually have 24 new standards. We are trying to be as cost conscious as possible. A couple companies have also be contacted to inquire about the price of thier standards.

Reporting scores
There have been a few complaints on team captains not reporting their scores on time. There are rules in place to penalize those that do not do this but Dave Madison reported there are a number of issues in enforcing these rules. One is sometimes the reason is because of technical problems - computer down, fax machine down, internet down, etc. Dave and Chuck try to discipline repeat offenders as best they can. A suggestion was made to allow other team members or opposing team captains to enter scores online. This could be done but would require some additional programming work by Dave Madison. In the meantime Dave said there is nothing stopping a captain from giving their user name and password to their teammates and letting them enter the scores. Plus, the opposing team can still call, fax or email the scores in to Chuck or Dave, they don't have to wait for the home team to do it.

Voting issues
The following items were voted on by the board:

  • Continue posting board meeting minutes on web site along with a seasonal or yearly balance sheet - passed
  • Open a seperate bank account for Midwest Classic operations - passed
  • Pay Sue Hackett for her time and effort in help organizing and running the Midwest Summer Classic each year - passed
  • Eliminate the traveling trophies and go with big plaques for championship teams to keep - passed