M.V.D.O City Champions

Each season the M.V.D.O. crowns a Champion in many different categories. Select a season to view the winners from that season or use the Previous and Next links to browse through the gallery.


Open Team Champions

Arnold Bowl - Herget

Tom Antoni
Dennis Blair
Eric Gregory
Jim Herget
Brad Oxendine
Donald Sanders
Keith Sexton
Curtis Strite
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'B' Team Champions

Hotshots #5 - Pruehsner

Eric Mueller
Jim Pruehsner
Joe Rudden
Drew Turner
Mike Williss
John Wood

'C' Team Champions

(results unknown)

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Open Doubles Champions

Larry J's - Hasty

Bobby Hasty
Pat Kron

'B' Doubles Champions

Hotshots #12 - Brandt

Matt 'Bulls Eye' Brandt
Dustin 'Tit A Ton' Hart
'Big Shot' Bob Herman
Dani Holden
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'C' Doubles Champions

(results unknown)

Mixed Doubles Champions

(results unknown)


Cricket Doubles Champions

Larry J's - Marler

Bob Burnett
Darryl Marler
Mike Williss


There are a few missing results so if anyone knows who won in the missing years please send an email to M.V.D.O. Recorder.