M.V.D.O. Singles Money League Rules and Regulations


Section 12 - Personal Conduct

Rule 12.a

Heckling or other harassment is forbidden. All players and spectators must give the thrower plenty of room to throw, and must refrain from undue movement in or near the dartboard lane. Repeated harassment or loud, foul language may result in expulsion from the league. Physical abuse will not be tolerated and can result in suspension or termination as an MVDO member. Unsportsmanlike conduct is also grounds for expulsion.

Rule 12.b

The Executive Board reserves the right to suspend or terminate any member or team that conducts itself in an unsportsmanlike, unlawful, or other manner that is not in the best interests of the MVDO.

Rule 12.c

All players in the Singles money league are expected to behave in a very well behaved and sportsmanlike manner. There will be zero tolerance for any rude, destructive, obnoxious or unsportsmanlike behavior. This includes taunting, throwing items like your darts at anything except the dart board, punching the board or a table or a wall, kicking the wall or anything else, intimidation, cheating, threatening or fighting with another player. None of this is acceptable behavior and if you are reported and the players in your division corroborate the accusation, you are gone. Removed from the league and all money you paid in up to that point is non-refundable.

Playing for money has the tendency to sometimes bring out the bad in people and if that is you, stay away from our league. We are here for fun and competition and a little cash. You can be emotional and celebrate when you do well and be mad or disappointed when you do bad but keep both under control and be considerate of those around you.