M.V.D.O. Singles Money League Rules and Regulations


Section 6 - Forfeits

Rule 6.a

There are no match forfeits in this money league. All matches must be played. If they cannot be played at the scheduled time then the match must be made up at a later date, preferably at the bar the match was originally scheduled at. Remember to still report the match as being rescheduled if necessary. Failure to report will result in zero wins for each player involved for the match. See next rule.

Rule 6.b

While no match can be forfeited, failure to report the match results by the Sunday 6 PM deadline will result in both players receiving 0 wins for the match. These wins will not be given once the match is reported, they will stay at 0. Both players are responsible for reporting the match results. So make sure one or both of you report the results. As mentioned in rule 6.a, if you reschedule a match you still must report the match as being rescheduled by the deadline to avoid 0 wins.