M.V.D.O. Singles Money League Rules and Regulations


Section 2 - Fees

Rule 2.a

Admin Fee: Each player that registers for the Singles league must pay a $15 administration fee. This fee goes to the MVDO for the cost of operating the league. This must be paid upon registration or BEFORE the schedule is made! No exceptions. If we don't have your admin fee we will not schedule you. This fee is seperate from MVDO dues. If you play league on any other night you must still pay your regular MVDO dues.

This fee is waived if you become a division rep. This is explained in the Division Reps section.

Rule 2.b

Match (Weekly) Fee: Each player will pay $5 for each match they play. This is technically not a weekly fee because you may not have a match one week and in a rare occasion you may have two matches in one week. Explanation - If you have a BYE you do not owe $5 for that week. In some rare cases a player may actually have 2 matches in one night and they will owe $10, but this will be very rare and only in odd number of player divisions. See Scheduling/Divisions section for more details. Ultimately all players in a division will pay the same total for a season.

The match fee money will go into the divisional prize fund. This is explained in the Prize Fund/Payouts section. Players can choose to pay all weekly fees up front or pay weekly as they go. By mid-season all players must be paid up to that point. If a player is not paid up, they must pay up immediately or they will be removed from the schedule and all money paid to that point will not be refunded. Same goes for the final week of the season. All players must be paid in full on the final night of the season or they will not be allowed to play playoffs and all money won will not be paid.

Match fee money will be collected by the Division Rep. Each division will have a division rep which is explained in the Division Reps section.

Rule 2.c

Bar Fee: Each division's prize pool will also be funded by the bars. When a bar hosts a division it will contribute $2 per player into that division's prize fund. So if you have a 16 player division, each night the bar you play at will kick in $32 to the prize fund. Over a 15 week season that is $480. The MVDO will be responsible for collecting the weekly bar fees, the players and division reps will not have to worry about that. Each bar will be billed at the beginning of the season how much they will owe. Bars will only be charged for the nights they actually host a division.

Whether or not a team drink is given to each player is completely up to each individual bar. The team drink is not an obligation, it is a nice gesture on the part of each bar owner/manager. While the MVDO encourages giving team drinks we have no say in the matter.