M.V.D.O. Singles Money League Rules and Regulations


Section 3 - Scheduling/Divisions

Rule 3.a

SKILL LEVEL: There will be 4 different skill levels:

  • Beginner - MVDO rating of 99 and below
  • Intermediate - MVDO rating between 100 and 160
  • Advanced - MVDO rating between 161 and 220
  • Pro/Open - MVDO rating of 221 and above

A player's MVDO rating will determine the division skill level they are placed in. If you do not have an MVDO rating, you must provide documentation/stats from other dart leagues you played in so that an appropriate MVDO rating can be assigned to you. If no determination of your skill level can be determined then you must play at the Pro/Open skill level.

Rule 3.b

Divisions will be arranged according to the skill levels listed above. Each division will have a minimum of 8 players and a maximum of 16 players.

If more than 16 players in one skill level register to play, then the players will be split into two divisions - example 24 players will be split into two divisions of 12 each. The split will be determined by MVDO rating with the highest 12 rated players in one division and the lower 12 rated players in the other division.

If less than 8 players register at a skill level, then they must either move up and play in the next highest skill level or not play. Players will never be moved down to play at a lesser skill level, only up. Obviously if less than 8 players register for the Pro/Open division, there will be no Pro/Open division that season.

Players may request to play up a skill level at any time. The MVDO will do all they can to accommodate the request but it is not guaranteed. In order to achieve proper divisions a player may have to play where their MVDO rating puts them.

Rule 3.c

The MVDO Recorders will create all the divisions and determine the scheduling of each division at the different bars in the rotation. Every attempt will be made to rotate the divisions equally amongst all bars in the rotation. Scheduling with our regular Thursday night Cricket division may prevent that but we will do the best we can.

The divisions will only play a balanced schedule where everyone plays everyone else an equal number of times in the 16, 15 and 8 player divisions. Every other number of player division will have to play an unbalanced schedule where some players will play other players more times. We are doing this to keep BYEs to a minimum because no one likes BYEs and BYEs take away from the prize fund. The schedules for all divisions 8 thru 16 players can be found below. Players will be randomly assigned a number when scheduling. No attempt will be made to try and get one player to play against another player more times, it will be random luck of the draw.

If a division ends up with 9, 11 or 13 players, unfortunately in order to avoid too many BYEs and play a full 15 weeks, a few players may be asked to play two matches in one night. It will only happen once in the season and players will know about it ahead of time in case they want to make arrangements to play the match early or something. In these cases the players involved will have to pay $10 for two matches. The players with double matches will have one more BYE than everyone else in the division so they end up paying the same total amount as everyone else.

Singles Money League Master Schedule

Rule 3.c

Rescheduling: If you need to reschedule a match, every effort must be made to reschedule the match at the bar you were originally scheduled to play. The bars are paying money into your Prize fund and all scheduled matches should be played at the bar they were scheduled. Under no circumstances should you make up a match at a bar that is not in the rotation of bars on your schedule.