M.V.D.O. Singles Money League Rules and Regulations


Section 9 - Player Eligibility

Rule 9.a

All players are eligible for singles money league play by being paid up in his/her admin fees and at least 21 years of age.

Rule 9.b

If you are new to the MVDO and do not have a rating, you must provide documentation/stats from other dart leagues you played in so that an appropriate MVDO rating can be assigned to you. If no determination of your skill level can be determined then you must play at the Pro/Open skill level.

Rule 9.c

A player cannot play for anyone else, they can only play for themselves.

Rule 9.d

Anyone caught playing under an assumed name shall be automatically suspended from the MVDO for two consecutive seasons. Any money paid into the prize fund will not be returned. The player is ineligible for the playoffs.

Rule 9.e

If a player cannot finish a season due to illness, injury, relocation or any valid reason in the eyes of the Board, the player can find a substitute to finish the season for them. The substitute must have an equal or lower rating than the player they are replacing.

If the substitution takes place in the final 5 weeks of the season, that player is ineligible to participate in the playoffs. Regular season payouts will still take place, just cannot compete in the playoffs.

Rule 9.f

If a player does not finish a season for any reason and does not find a valid replacement, then the player still must pay all weekly fees for the entire season. If the player does not pay their weekly fees in full, then they will be suspended from the MVDO until they do pay their owed fees. All matches involving the player that quit - both played and not played matches - will be counted as all losses for the player that quit and all wins for their opponent. This way the all players will get a share of the money from the player that quit. If, however, a replacement player is found (see Rule 9.g) then the money of the player who dropped out will be added to the Playoff Prize fund.

Rule 9.g

If a player drops out in the first 5 weeks of the season and they did not get an adequate replacement (i.e. someone with same or lower rating), then anyone may fill the vacant spot in the schedule assuming they fit within the division ratings limits. All matches must be replayed. The player that dropped will still owe a full season's worth of weekly dues and that money will go into the Playoff Prize fund. The new player will also owe all weekly fees. After 5 weeks of a season have been played, no new players can be added to the schedule.