M.V.D.O. Singles Money League Rules and Regulations


Section 4 - Division Reps

Rule 4.a

Each division will have a division rep - one of the players in the division. It will be the division reps job to work with the MVDO Treasurer and make sure all players pay their match fees. Each division rep will be given a packet with instructions to help them organize the collection of each players money. Since all players from each division will be playing together at the same bar each week this should not be a difficult task.

This is a voluntary position and we understand no one may want to do it. But it is necessary to have someone take charge of the money. The MVDO is an organization of volunteers and it is unfair to ask someone to drive around to all the different locations each Thursday to collect everyones money. So we are asking the players to take some responsibility and collect the money themselves. If no one volunteers then the first night a league representative will be on hand to have a drawing to pick two people to share the duty of division rep. One will do the first half of the season and one the second half.

Rule 4.b

The division rep will not have to pay their $15 administration fee. If no one volunteers and 2 people are forced to share the duty, they each will have $10 taken off their admin fee.