M.V.D.O. Singles Money League Rules and Regulations


Section 1 - Singles League Play

Rule 1.a

The MVDO Singles League will be held on Thursday nights in the Fall and Spring sessions only (no Summer singles league).

Rule 1.b

Starting time for League play will be at 7:30 PM

Rule 1.c

There will be 4 skill levels of competition - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Pro. The Board and MVDO Recorder(s) shall be responsible for assigning players to divisions. See Scheduling/Divisions section for more details.

Rule 1.d

This is a traveling league. Each division will play at a different bar each week. The entire division will be at the same bar each week. The bars will be determined by the Board. Currently, a bar must have 8 dart boards to host a division. Bars can be located anywhere in the Metro St. Louis area - St. Louis City, South County, West County, North County, St. Charles and parts of Illinois. All divisions will rotate equally among the bars on the list. A schedule will be presented to all players at the beginning of each season. See Scheduling/Divisions section for more details.

Rule 1.e

Each week a player will play another player in their division in a 9 or 7 game format. Beginner divisions will use a 7 game format and the other divisions will use a 9 game format. The format will be on your official MVDO score sheet and is subject to change at the MVDO Board's discretion. Check out League Formats for the current formats.

NO CORKING - The Home player will go first in the first game of the night. After that you will play mugs away which means the person who loses the previous game will always go first in the next game. Even if you start a new set of games, the previous game's loser will go first in the new set of games.

Rule 1.f

The official MVDO score sheet dictates the regular order of play. Games may be played out of order only with the consent of both players.

Rule 1.g

Results of each match are to be reported by one or both players to the recorder no later than 6:00 p.m. on the Sunday following the match. Failure to report results by the deadline will result in both players being penalized their wins for that night. It will be both players responsibility to report the match scores to the MVDO. No one is designated as the "home" team responsible for reporting scores. The players can make a gentlemen’s agreement to have one of them report the scores. But both players are ultimately responsible. Make sure one of you do it. Each win is worth money, so failure to report scores will cost you and your opponent money.

If you reschedule your match you must report that as well. Failure to inform the recorders that you rescheduled will be treated as a no call and you will receive 0 wins for the week.

Rule 1.h

The boards to be used for league play must be cleared at least 30 minutes before match time to allow players adequate warm-up time.

Rule 1.i

In the case of extremely bad weather, the players should contact each other to confirm or reschedule the match. If a dispute arises, the Board will assist in rescheduling or canceling that night's scheduled matches.